16th Ordnance Battalion

16th Ordnance Battalion


The 16th Ordnance Battalion safely trains and develops highly motivated, disciplined, and physically fit Soldiers and leaders who are technically and tactically proficient, committed to the Army Values and the Warrior Ethos, and are ready to contribute immediately to the Team at their first Unit of assignment.

  • Transition students from the total control environment of Basic Combat Training (BCT) into the AIT environment with less controls and more individual responsibility to complete the Soldier transformation process, producing Soldiers of character.
  • Graduate technically and tactically proficient, physically fit Ordnance Soldiers capable of making immediate contributions to their first unit of assignment.
  • Oversee the Instructor Development Recognition Program and civilian professional development programs.
  • Conduct operations and administrative/logistical functions to support training, Soldiers, and the installation.
  • Care for the families of all of our Soldiers.


The 16th Ordnance Battalion provides Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for soldiers in the following MOS's:

MOS Course
91B Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
91S Stryker System Maintainer


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Last updated 19-Nov-2021