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OPSEC is the systematic process by which the U.S. Government and its supporting contractors deny potential adversaries information about capabilities and intentions be identifying, controlling, and protecting generally unclassified information concerning the planning and execution of sensitive Government activities.

It is our mission to educate all Ordnance personnel to include military, civilians, and contractors on what the organization's critical information is and the countermeasures to protect that information. We are and must remain "Ever Vigilant" in analyzing the threats, and vulnerabilities, as well as assessing the risk.

Essential Elements of Friendly Information (EEFI) for 59th Brigade and
U.S. Army Ordnance Schools

EEFI are key questions likely to be asked by adversary and intelligence officials about specific friendly intentions, capabilities and activities so they can obtain answers critical to our operational effectiveness. These and other questions may be formed in different ways to gain the desired information.

The answer to these and other questions are called critical information; critical information is important information that must be protected. Those that know the answers to those EEFI's should not share that information with persons that do not have a need to know. Samples of questions that need to be protected are listed below:

  1. What are the location, schedule, and security arrangements for senior leaders and visiting Very Important Person(s)?

  3. What are Program of Instruction (POI) schedules and movement of troops routes (to include deployments)?

  5. What are the locations and dispositions of bulk flammables, explosives and ammunition located within the OD area?

  7. What are our readiness posture/situation?

  9. What are our limitations, constraints or vulnerabilities?

  11. What are our Force Protection capabilities or vulnerabilities?

  13. What are our Continuity of Operation plans or procedures?

  15. What are the Security measures planned or implemented for high visibility and high personnel concentration events i.e Change of Commands and Ordnance Week?

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