73rd Ordnance Battalion


Graduation dates are on Wednesdays and will be held in Hazen Hall room 104, If it is more than 40 Soldiers then the location is Friendship Chapel or TBD. The ceremony will start at 2:00 pm and will last approximately 1 hour. Dates and Times are subject to change. Please contact your Soldier or the Battalion Personnel Sergeant (S-1) to confirm dates and times.

From the Commander

It's graduation time for our MOS-T and MOS-I students. They have become Soldiers, trained and proficient in all their warrior tasks and drills. It is now time to celebrate their achievements, by congratulating them, and letting them go out into the Operational Army to show what they have learned. For those family members that wish to attend the graduation ceremony, directions are provided below.

Directions to Graduation

Fort Gordon is approximately 142 miles east of Atlanta, 80 miles southwest of Columbia, South Carolina and 122 miles northwest of Savannah, Georgia. Fort Gordon is best reached via Interstate 20. Take Exit 194 to Belair Road and Dyess Parkway. Follow the Dyess Parkway signs, and also the Fort Gordon signs. Take note that the exit numbers on I-20 were changed in January 2000; Exit 194 may appear on some older maps as Exit 63. Also, if approaching from the east (from Columbia), you will see signs directing you to take exit 196A to reach Fort Gordon. Do not exit there, go on to Exit 194 instead. Dyess Parkway will bring you directly into the post through McKenna Gate, also known as Gate 1.

Hazen Hall is building 29815 on Chamberlain Avenue.

From gate 1 make a right onto Rice Road at the second light and turn into the parking lot on your left. Hazen Hall is the building immediately facing Chamberlain Ave.

From gate 2 turn left onto Chamberlain (at the light) and make a left at the second light onto Rice road and turn into parking lot on your left.

From gate 5 keep straight on Avenue of the States. Avenue of the States turns into Rice Road. Keep straight and cross Chamberlain Avenue (you will go through 4 lights) then turn into parking lot on your left.


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