73rd Ordnance Training Detachment - Gordon

Ordnance Training Detachment - Gordon, 73rd Ordnance Battalion


Provide command, control, training, and all support to permanent party Soldiers, warrant officers, students and their families IOT develop Soldiers of character who are trained, motivated, self-disciplined, physically-fit warriors, that live by the Soldier's Creed, the Ordnance Creed, and are competent in entry-level MOS, advanced-level MOS and warrior skills IOT make an immediate contribution to the operational Army.


Be a highly disciplined, support focused, morally strong, courageous teams of teams. We will provide OEMTD with dedicated and well trained instructors who are prepared to support the Ordnance School across the full range of training operations. Leaders in OTD-G will always take care of Soldiers, civilians and families while also meeting all requirements to train the best Ordnance Soldiers in the Army. Ensuring our Soldiers are prepared to accomplish our support mission through tenacity, flexibility, discipline teamwork, competence and accountability in everything we do.


The Ordnance Training Detachment-Gordon was activated on 24 February 2014 at Fort Gordon, GA as a result of the 73rd Ordnance Battalion re-stationing at Eglin Air Force Base, FL. Bravo Company was inactivated on 14 July 2014.


MOS Course Length
94D Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer 27 weeks 1 day
94E Radio Equipment Repairer 21 weeks 1 day
94F Computer/Detection Systems Repairer 20 weeks 2 days
94R Avionics and Survivability Equipment Repairer 17 weeks 3 days
Warrant Officer
948B (WOBC) Electronic Systems Maintenance 14 weeks 1 day
948B (WOAC) Electronic Systems Maintenance 9 weeks 1 day


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