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Army Award for
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AAME Competition Process

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  • Unit Develops nomination packet (use latest AAME Message)
  • Submit Packet through chain of command

Phase I

  • 10 - 12 member panel (Active, ARNG, USAR, at USAOS)
  • Evaluates all packets
  • Determines Semi-Finalists (top 3 in each category)
  • 70% required to advance

Phase II

  • On-site teams (USAOS Team)
  • Evaluate Semi-Finalists
  • Determines Winners (Phases I & II scores)
  • 70% is required

  • Selection of Category Winners
  • Awards presentation (TBD each year)
  • Selection of "Best of the Best" Winner (overall highest score)
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Last updated 19-Nov-2021