Directorate of Training (DOT)

Tactical Support Equipment Department

Military Occupational
Specialties (MOS) Trained
  • 91C - Utilities Equipment Repair
  • 91D - Power Generation Equipment Repair
  • 91J - Quartermaster / Chemical Equipment Repair
Key Functional Training
  • ASI-C9 Mast and Electric Power Plant Maintenance (primary power source for Patriot Missile)
  • ASI-H2 Laundry Systems Specialist - Maintenance (Laundry Advanced System and Containerized Batch Laundry System)
Locations (end-state) Fort Lee, VA
Personnel 1 Warrant Officers;  70 NCOs; 23 DOD Civilians & 25 Contractors
Annual Student Load 3,351
  • Skills Based Training (91D)
  • Established professional affiliations with:
    • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) (91C)
    • DoD PM-Mobile Electric Power (91D)
    • Joint Water Resource Management Action Group (91J)
  • Pursuing credentialing opportunities with:
    • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) (91C)
    • Electrical Generating Systems Association (91D)



Last updated 18-Aug-2021