Ammunition Transfer Holding Point (ATHP)Team of the Year (ToY)

ATHP Team of the Year


The ATHP ToY is an event that brings together the pinnacle of the Army's Ammunition community to train, evaluate and assess the most effective tactics, techniques and procedures employed by the operational field against various problematic scenarios.

The ToY will assess the training and expertise of 12 Division level Maintenance teams selected by their respective to identify the best Ammunition team in the U.S. Army.


Participants will be assessed in the following areas:

  • Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)
  • Weapons Proficiency/Stress Shoot
  • RIP w/ Faulty Existing ATHP
  • Sling Load Operations
  • Issue/Receive/Inspect
  • Road March
  • SAAS Employment
  • Configure Loads for Movement
    • Aircraft Loading Ops
  • Ammunition Identification
    • Friendly (Not Unit Specific)
    • Captured Enemy Ammunition


  • Twelve (12) ATHP teams are selected to attend from the active duty divisions and Army National Guard.
  • Teams must consist of five members: 1 (890A), 1 (89A), 3 (89B).
  • Team composition is based on the MTOE structure of the ATHP Sections with BSB distribution companies.
  • Additional Participant Requirements:
    • Participants must meet height and weight standards outlined in AR 600-9, dated 28 June 2013. Military members on a temporary profile are not eligible to participate.
      If a participant has a profile, it must be either a P-2 or P-3 profile in order to compete.
    • Participants must not have received UCMJ punishment or have been under suspension of favorable action within the preceeding 12 months.
    • Participants must have passed the Army Combat Fitness Test within the last 90 days.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021