Team of the Year (ToY)

CRT Team of the Year


The Maintenance ToY is an event that brings together the pinnacle of the Army's Maintenance community to train, evaluate and assess the most effective tactics, techniques and procedures employed by the operational field against various problematic scenarios.

The ToY will assess the training and expertise of 12 Division level Maintenance teams selected by their respective commands to identify the best Maintenance team in the U.S. Army.


  • Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)
  • Army Maintenance Knowledge Exam
  • Recovery Operations
  • Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
  • Maintenance Collection Point Operations
  • Site Defense
  • Land Navigation


Teams must consist of: One (1) O1-O2 (88, 91, or 92 MOS), one (1) WO1 – CW3 (maintenance warrant officer E.G. 913A, 914A, 915A, 919A MOS), one (1) E4-E5 (92A MOS), two (2) E1-E6 (91B OR 91S MOS and H8 qualified), and one (1) E1 – E6 (91/94 series MOS). Team must be comprised of at least two (2) E4 and below members and two (2) E5 and above members, one (1) warrant officer, and one (1) lieutenant. A waiver can be submitted for exceptions to team grade composition.

Team Prerequisites:

  • Profile Requirements: No non-deployable profiles. Must be able to complete all six standard events of the ACFT.
  • H8 Requirements: Two per team minimum
  • Licensed on HMMWV, contact trucks, wreckers (HEMTT), generator (3K)
  • CLS Certification Requirements: One per team minimum
  • Qualified with assigned weapon (M4/M16), iron sights only



Last updated 19-Nov-2021