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Accreditation is crucial for both educational institutions and students. Accreditation is the process which assures all organizational information is of high quality and accuracy and ensures that a school is meeting standards set by experts in their field. Accreditation is a way for students to know that the education they're getting has met standards set by both the government and experts in the field of post-secondary education. It ensures that an organization has met certain standards for the programs, courses, staff and faculty.


The ACE evaluates formal education and training programs and courses sponsored by service schools, other DOD organizations, other Government agencies, business, and industry, and makes college credit recommendations. ACE itself does not grant academic credit. Instead, ACE evaluates courses and recommends the amount of credit it believes a course should be granted by an accredited institution. The recommendations are listed either in undergraduate or graduate semester hours. Graduate recommendations are listed in boldface. USAOS graduates planning to use ACE credit recommendations for college or university degree programs must have their education and training experiences reviewed by their institutions' admissions officer.

USAOS has many courses, in many different fields that are recommended for college credit by ACE. Individual courses may be found on the ACE website,

Council on Occupational Education (COE)

Council on Occupational EducationThe Council on Occupational Education (COE) is a national accrediting agency, ensuring quality and integrity in career and technical education. COE is an outside, non-profit organization that studies the curriculum and programs offered at a college or university and, after finding the school meets stringent educational standards, grants the school a quality education stamp of approval. There are many accrediting agencies in the United States, but only a select few are accepted by the major governing bodies of the accrediting process. The Council's educational membership represents institutions in the public, private, Job Corps, Army, Navy, Department of Defense, and private industry sectors, and totals more than 430 institutions that are both associate degree- and non-degree granting education providers. The Council's peer-evaluation process has been considered a reliable authority on the quality of education offered by the institutions it accredits. COE accredits a school or university as a whole, rather than the specific programs or courses within an institution.

The Ordnance School has maintained its accreditation with the COE for over 35 years.

The Council on Occupational Education may be contacted at:

Council on Occupational Education
41 Perimeter Center East, NE, Suite 640
Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone: (800) 917-2081 or 770-396-3898
FAX: (770) 396-3790

Both ACE and COE work to promote, strengthen, and assure the operation of quality in education and the USAOS is proud to be accredited by both COE and ACE.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021