Training Management Office (TMO)


  • Review acquisition packages concurrently with DOC, and act as alternate COR for contract administration.
  • Prepare guidance for training execution initiatives IAW DA/TRADOC regulations and standards.
  • Develop policies and procedures pertaining to the conduct and administration of resident, mobile and distant learning training. Participate in the development and implementation of newly developed programs. Maintain liaison and coordinate with TRADOC DCST.
  • Coordinate priorities of ODS input into the DA/TRADOC Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) defining out year resources and training workload.
  • Prepare/coordinate the monthly TRADOC Status Report (TSR) or successor system.
  • Serve as the POC for the SMDR to validate training requirements and capacities. Coordinates ODS resident training issues with DA Human Resources Command (HRC) and DA G3. Serve as the School POC for training requirements of the NGB, OCAR; FORSCOM; USMC and Department of the Navy.
  • Serve as the ODS central coordinator/higher headquarters liaison for all matters pertaining to the TRADOC Inter-Service Training Review Organization (ITRO). Maintains liaison with the USMC, the Navy, the Air Force, and the US Coast Guard in all ITRO matters.
  • Serve as the Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA) for the ODS. Responsible for the control and coordination of all required actions to support the successful deployment, operation and management of DTS for military and civilian employees.
  • Coordinates and facilitates academic accreditations with the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Council on Occupational Education (COE).
  • Responsible for central tasking within the ODS, planning of operational training support missions, safety guidance, force protection/anti-terrorism, physical security, facility management, ceremonies and special events.
  • Coordinate and program for projected workloads with TRADOC, CASCOM, and other service schools and agencies.
  • Coordinate all requests for staff training with outside sources.
  • Develop mobilization training input to the School mobilization plan.
  • Advise the Battalion Commander on academic review board recommendations. Process approved academic review board actions and appeals.
  • Manage TRAP requests for resident training or student support involving external agencies and activities, off-site training facilities and US Army Forces Command units and resolve training constraints/issues.
  • Manage the functions of ATRRS to maintain student load reports that include projected loads and actual inputs. Assist in identifying student reservations and quotas.
  • Manage the development and input to master class schedules. Coordinate all requests for deviation from approved schedules and resolve conflicts that stem from sharing facilities/equipment.
  • Responsible for the Academic Records functions to include: establishing resident student records in RITM and the class master folder; prepare one-time and recurring reports and statistical data from RITM and ATRRS; finalize student records, identify honor students, prepare graduation documents/ diplomas, and prepare history file. Prepare, update and review RITM training data and receive notification of and process student disposition and post in RITM and ATRRS.
  • Provide training management support to ALU for proponent technical training.
  • Maintain property accountability for all non expendable items and provide expendable supplies as required.
  • Responsible for human resource management, facility and logistics management, personnel and management control support and personnel/physical security.
  • Support the Warrior Sustainment Field Training Exercise for all AIT Soldiers.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021