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OD Team visits Caterpillar and Oshkosh

CAT Visit 20 OctoberOn October 20th the Regimental Chief Warrant Officer, CW5 Richard Myers visited the Caterpillar Training with Industry (TWI) site accompanied by the Ordnance (OD) School Proponent Office Warrant Officer and Noncommissioned Officer Developers, CW4 Alex Taylor, CW4 John Shappell and SFC Gary Tuccitto.

The Caterpillar TWI students hosted the OD Team for a briefing, engineer equipment demonstration, and assembly line instructional review. CW3 Poytress, CW3 Dawkins and SSG Smith provided a review of training they have received during their 1st QTR at Caterpillar. Some of the training that they will take part in during their tenure are the Caterpillar Production System (CPS) to understand lean processes in industry, and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) integration of Caterpillar equipment. CW3 Dawkins will partner with Machine Engineering operations of Caterpillar Defense and Federal Products to gain a better understanding of the test and evaluation procedures performed at Caterpillar in order to prepare of the follow on utilization tour at the Army Test and Evaluation Center (ATEC). The OD team presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Caterpillar Defense and Federal Products team for their commitment to the Ordnance Corps and the US Army over the past 15 years.

Certificate PresentationOn 22 October the Oshkosh TWI students hosted the OD Team for an overview briefing of Oshkosh Defense, Defense Contracting Management Agency (DCMA) operations, E-Coat overview and plant operations, and assembly line processes and operations. CW3 Miller and SSG Lutz provided an overview of their 1st QTR with Oshkosh. CW3 Miller is focused on Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management training, Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMMT) Product training, Caterpillar C7-C15 Product Training, TACOM/LOGSA/IPS seminars and well as Employee Development Classes. Both the Warrant Officer and Noncommissioned Officer assigned to OshKosh defense are enrolled in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course.

These types of site visits provide the Ordnance Branch Personnel Development Office the opportunity to have firsthand knowledge of the work conditions, type and depth of training that the Ordnance Corps Warrant Officers and NCOs receive during their tenure. The visit also allows for personal interaction between the Ordnance School and the Industrial base leaders we partner with.

Training With Industry at GDLS

CW4 Taylor attends CW3 Lumbra’s promotion ceremony at GDLS** At the beginning of 4th Quarter FY 16 the OD PDO Warrant Officer Developer and NCO paid a visit to the Training with Industry Students assigned to General Dynamics Land Systems in Sterling Heights, MI. This assignment is new to the TWI opportunities and it has proven its value. The students were able to glean a tremendous amount of information and process of Industry based operations. CW3 Kevin Lumbra was the first 913A (Armament Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer) assigned to GDLS.

CW3 Lumbra aligned his training program with the latest Engineer Change Program of the Abrams Main Battle Tank, the SEPv3. He also integrated himself into the Systems Technical Support (STS) Program Managers team to understand the initial production activity. His alignment with STS was only part of the education and broad understanding of operations that he received. His tenure also provided him the opportunity to accomplish some of the following goals he set for himself: PMR Total Abrams Annual review, Field Support Services site visit, STS-System Technical Support, RAM- Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability, PDS-Production, Production scheduling and management (Integrated Master Schedule, Critical Paths), Engineering Design and Testing Activities, Testing Coordination (TRR), Attended new technology discussions with MC2 team.

OD PDO team visiting incoming and outgoing TWI students.While CW3 Lumbra was assigned to GDLS he was paired with an industry mentor, Mr. Darin Johnson. An industry mentor is paramount to a building a productive and rigorous training plan.

This brand new relationship with GDLS has opened the door of opportunities for 913As to develop a cohesive bond with industry and gain a greater understanding on how the OEM operates. Currently there are two Ordnance Soldiers assigned to Sterling Heights, CW2 Ryan Harmon and SFC Brown are the current students at GDLS.

Training With Industry at Lincoln Electric

l-r RCSM Morris, SSG Flessert, CW3 Ash, BG Haley** On November 7th the Chief of Ordnance and the Regimental Command Sergeant Major visited CW3 Alphonso Ash and SSG KEvin Flessert at Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, OH, to conduct a "check on training. The two students delivered a presentation and provided a tour to BG Haley and CSM Morris in order to give them a glimpse into the world of a TWI student.

The two Training With Industry students are deeply involved with the newest welding and machining techniques that the industry is implementing in their processes throughout the globe. Carl Peters is the director of training at Lincoln Electric and he is responsible for the development and utilization of the Mr. Ash and SSG Flessert during their tenure at Lincoln Electric. Mr. Peters provides them with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge through training, seminars, local events as well as opportunity classes offered at the headquarters.

The main purpose of the TWI site visit was to gain an overall understanding of the work environment that these two are experiencing ever day as well as to understand what value the Lincoln Electric corporation is gaining from the Ordnance Corps.

l - r SSG Flessert, BG Haley, RCSM Morris, CW3 Ashl-r, Carl Peters, CW4 Alex Taylor, BG Haley, RCSM MorrisSome of the training and opportunities made available to Mr. Ash and SSG Flessert include:

  • Educational Seminars (Blodgett, WEW)
  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
  • 16-Week Comprehensive Welding Program
  • Automation (Robots, Laser, Cutting Systems)
  • Operational Maintenance

These events coupled with the normal daily grind of the business will keep the two students busy throughout the year. 

In closing the Ordnance Corps would like to extend congratulations to CW3 Alphonso Ash on his accomplishment of becoming a Certified Welding Instructor.

Go Ordnance!!!

Training With Industry at Oshkosh

Training Courses provided through the Caterpillar Learning Center** On April 30th CW4 Alex Taylor (OD Personnel Development Office) visited Oshkosh Defense and Integrated Products Support (IPS) Division in Oshkosh, WI. CW3 An B Nguyen and SFC Jessie Walters are the two students current serving their tenure with Oshkosh.

Bob Orfield is the Product Training Manager that is responsible for training our Ordnance Soldiers while at Oshkosh. He provided an overview of Oshkosh Defense and the future outlook of the TWI program at Oshkosh. Mike Ivy was also present for a short time. He is the director of the IPS division. During an all hands meeting of the civilian product development team he expressed how important the ongoing relationship with the Army was and praised the quality of Soldiers that the Ordnance Corps has provided to be an integral part of the Oshkosh team.

The main The main purpose of the TWI site visit was to gain a better understanding of the work environment our Soldiers experience on a daily basis. The Oshkosh Corporation has provided them with the same accommodations to work in as they would have received at the Ordnance School. The training at Oshkosh is comprised of:

  • Factory and Manufacture Operations
  • After Market Training (FMTV Basic & Advance Maintenance and Certification Dealer)
  • Product Training, Testing and Development
  • Design and Engineering
  • Technical Pubs and Logistics Support Analysis
  • Part/ Regional Service Center (RSC) and Part Distribution Center + DLA Support Program
  • Field Service Representative (FSR) Training

CertificationCW3 Nguyen worked with the technical manual (TM) services and TACOM in order to provide a factual and up to date TM for Soldiers to utilize in the operational force. SFC Walters was integral in product testing and served many hours testing new equipment. He provided positive input to engineers that will help to ensure the equipment Oshkosh delivers meets the needs of the Soldier using it on a daily basis.

The Oshkosh TWI assignment is a valuable asset to the Ordnance Warrant Officer and Noncommissioned Officer. TWI is also a great opportunity for a broadening assignment.**

Training Courses provided through the Caterpillar Learning Center

Training Courses provided through the Caterpillar Learning Center** On April 2nd and 3rd CW4 Alex Taylor, MSG Arthie Mann and SFC Gary Tuccitto (OD Personnel Development Office) visited the Caterpillar Defense and Integrated Products division at Caterpillar in Mossville, Il. CW4 Dean Cook, CW3 Darrin Garner and SFC Brandon Stevens are the three students currently serving their TWI tenure with Caterpillar.

James Garrison and Alan Paden provided an overview of the Company and the future outlook for the continuation of the TWI program with Caterpillar. Both of the gentlemen emphasized the importance of the relationship with the company and the US Army. Although military sales is only 1% of the Fortune 50 Company they still value the Army and the energy the our TWI students bring to their organization.

CertificationThe main purpose of the trip was to get a better understanding of the work environment our Ordnance Soldiers are performing in while at Caterpillar as well as the educational benefit that this year long assignment has on the Soldier.

The program offers a myriad of training courses, projects and certifications that each TWI student is available to achieve while working with Caterpillar.

Training Courses provided through the Caterpillar Learning Center:

Electronic Fault Isolation

  • Gas Engines 1(Natural Gas)
  • Applied Failures Analysis (AFA)
  • Hydraulic Hose Fabrication
  • Caterpillar Instructor Accreditation Program (CIAP)
  • Tier 4 Engine Training

The students also have access to over 150 hours of web based training which helps them prepare for hands on training that occurs at the learning center.

Cat CaterpillarIn conjunction with onsite training the students also have had the opportunity to assist in the development of training at Texarkana Community College in Texarkana, TX. The students assisted Caterpillar in developing the curriculum for the 40 hour Caterpillar certification program on various components. The students were able to provide valuable input and assistance in the development of the Caterpillar Maintainers Course taught at the RTSM on Fort Hood, TX.

The opportunity for travel with Caterpillar fault identification and resolution teams have been made available. This provides the student with the knowledge needed to properly identify systemic issues with equipment and help render a resolution to remove the problem.

The students also interact with Field Service Representatives (FSR) and Service Engineers from Caterpillar on a daily basis.

Several projects they work on are SLEP, RESET and Lean Six-Sigma certification.

The Caterpillar TWI assignment is a valuable asset to the Ordnance Warrant Officer and a great opportunity for a broadening assignment. **



Last updated 19-Nov-2021