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The Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a work-experience program that provides extensive exposure to managerial techniques and industrial procedures within corporate America to competitively selected officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned officers. Training received is normally not available through either civilian or military school systems. Eligible personnel are normally contacted via email from Human Resources Command or their Personnel Development Office representative. The eligible person may then submit an application for consideration by their respective selection committee. Once selected, the Personnel Development Office will forward the approved application to HRC for assignment processing for the following fiscal year.

Timeline: Specific dates are released to the field via email.

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants are subject to requirements stated in AR 621-1, Ch.6 in addition to supplemental requirements below for Ordnance TWI applicants.

Commissioned Officers:
  • Applicant must be a Captain
  • Applicant must be a graduate of Captain’s Career Course / Key Developmental assignment complete by report date
  • Applicant must be Regular Army on active duty status
  • Applicant must agree in writing to fulfill any service obligations incurred by acceptance of training
  • Applicant must be eligible for Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
  • Applicant must waive Married Army Couples Program enrollment if selected
  • Applicant must have a minimum of Secret level security clearance (EOD TWI position requires Top Secret)
  • Applicant must NOT be pending deployment status or post-deployment stabilization during the projected report to industry period.
  • Applicant must not have a DA Form 1059 with a rating below “Achieved Course Standards”
Warrant Officers:
  • Applicant must be a CW2(P), CW3, and CW4 with less than 1 year time in grade (TIG) as of 1 July 2021
  • Warrant Officer Advanced Course
  • Regular Army on active duty status
  • Applicant must not exceed 24 years of AWOS at the time of application to HRC.
  • Must have enough service time left after completing TWI to fulfill the incurred service obligation.
  • Must be eligible for Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
  • Must have a minimum of Secret level security clearance
  • Must NOT be pending deployment status or post-deployment stabilization during the projected report to industry period.
  • Must meet the Army height/weight requirement IAW AR 600-9
MIG/TIG welding

"I thought I knew a lot about welding before participating in TWI, now I know a lot about welding because of it."

- SSG Timothy Rogers, 91E Allied Trades Specialist

Non-Commissioned Officers:
  • Applicants must be a SSG-SFC
  • Must be active duty
  • Have completed appropriate non-commissioned officer education system (NCOES) for grade and years of service
  • Have a minimum of two and not more than 22 years of active Army service as of 30 September of the competition fiscal year. Applicants must be indefinite or have sufficient enlistment remaining equal to or greater than three times the length of requested schooling. Service remaining requirements are prescribed in AR 614–200.
  • Prior service. There are no prior service requirements for this program.
  • Applicants must possess a Secret security clearance.
  • Potential. A review of the candidate's personnel file must reflect that the candidate has the potential for future, long term services as determined by HRC.
  • Interest/agreement of study. Candidate must express specific interest in training by submitting a formal application.
  • Development. Service members must be qualified for promotion or recently promoted to where TWI participation will not place the service member at risk for promotion to the next rank.
  • Minimum academic requirements. Applicants must meet or exceed the academic requirements determined by the industry for each fiscal year of competition.
  • Height/weight standards. Applicants must meet height/weight requirements in accordance with AR 600–9.
  • Other eligibility requirements. Other eligibility requirements are applicable as determined upon notification of fiscal year competition
  • Applicant must NOT be pending deployment status or post-deployment stabilization during the projected report to industry period.
Application Packet Requirements:

Eligible personnel are encouraged to submit a completed packet to their CMF Career Manager (enlisted) or Ordnance personnel proponent officer (officers/ warrant officers). A packet must include at a minimum:

  • DA Form 1618 for officers/warrant officers
  • DA Form 4187 for NCOs
  • Current Officer/Enlisted Records Brief (ORB/ERB)
  • Official DA Photo (less than one year old)
  • Security clearance memorandum from S-2
  • Copy of last five years of evaluation reports
  • DA Form 1059 from highest level of PME
  • College transcripts, if applicable
  • Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard and Height/Weight Body Fat Worksheet (if applicable)
  • Statement of Understanding
  • Letter of Recommendation including your ability to represent the Army (Enlisted Only) – see HRC website or MILPER message for more details
  • Written statement for Married Army Couples Program participants waiving joint domicile program
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) documents must be updated prior to submission of packet

Copies of each document can be found under the Documents portion of this website for use.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021

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