History of the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps
Medal of Honor

Ordnance Corps
Medal of Honor

Civil War
Brig. Gen. Oliver Otis Howard Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia 1862
Capt. Horace Porter Battle of Chickamauga 1863
Capt. William Sullivan Beebe Alexandria, Louisiana 1864
Pvt. Timothy Spillane Hatchers Run, Virginia 1865
Western United States

The following ten noncommissioned officers and enlisted men were awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in the Western United States. All of them were either serving as Ordnance Sergeants when the Medal of Honor was awarded to them or later retired with that rank. All were members of infantry or cavalry units.

Pvt. Albert Knaak Arizona Territory 1868
Pvt. Solon D. Neal Little Washita River, Texas 1870
Cpl. John Kelly Upper Washita, Texas 1874
1st Sgt. John Mitchell Upper Washita, Texas 1874
Sgt. Zachariah Woodall Washita River, Texas 1874
1st Sgt. Michael McGann Rosebud River, Montana 1876
1st Sgt. Henry Wilkens Little Muddy Creek, Montana and
Camas Meadows, Idaho
Sgt. Milden H. Wilson Big Hole, Montana 1877
1st Sgt. Moses Williams Cuchillo Negro Mountains, New Mexico 1881
1st Sgt. Fredrick E. Toy Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota 1890
World War II
Sgt. Hulon Brocke Whittington France 1944



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