History of the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps

U.S. Army Ordnance Song

Army Ordnance Arsenal Day, June 10, 1941, served a double function: it honored the 40,000 workers in the various arsenals, and it introduced to a nationwide audience Irving Berlin's new Army Ordnance song, "Arms for the Love of America."

Maj. Gen. C. M. Wesson, Chief of Ordnance, had designated June 10 as Arsenal Day to commemorate the traditional role of the ordnance arsenals as the cornerstone of armament productions since post-Revolutionary War days. The program was broadcast by the National Broadcasting Company and the Columbia Broadcasting System over coast-to-coast networks from 9:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The soloist was Barry Wood, accompanied by the Lynn Murray Singers and the Army Band.

Berlin composed "Arms for the Love of America," a rollicking, snappy march, for Wesson at the request of Lt. Col. John B. Bellinger, executive assistant to the Chief of Ordnance. Bellinger suggested that the song symbolize the need for production and at the same time serve an inspirational purpose in defense industries.

All profits from the sale of copies by the publishers were donated to Army charitable and relief purposes.

In May 2020, the lyrics to 'Arms for the Love of America' were updated with the approval of the Chief of Ordnance and the Irving Berlin Company. The adjusted lyrics reflect the diversity of the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps and recognizes all the dedicated professionals who provide service to the line, on the line, on time.

Arms For The Love Of America

On land and on the sea and in the air
We've got to be there, We've got to be there.
America is sounding her alarms
We've got to have arms, We've got to have arms.
Arms for the love of America
They speak in a foreign land, with weapons in every hand.
What ever they try we've got to reply in language that they understand.
Arms for the love of America
And for every mother’s cherished one
Who's depending on the work that must be done
By the force, behind the force, behind the gun
They're in the camps and in the training schools
Now give them the tools, they've got to have tools.
We called them from the factories and farms
Now give them the arms, They've got to have arms.
Arms for the love of America.
We've got to get in the race, and work at a lively pace.
They say over here we've nothing to fear but let's get ready just in case.
Arms for the love of America.
And for every mother’s cherished one.
Oh the fight for freedom can be lost or won
By the force, behind the force, behind the gun

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