Hall of Fame, U.S. Army Ordnance Corps

Hall of Fame Inductees
in Alphabetical Order

Names that are bold and in italics are Medal of Honor Recipients.


Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Mr. Floyd I. Able 2007
Command Sergeant Major Robert S. Abbott 1994
Major General George H. Akin 1997
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Anthony "Tony" Akromas 2013
Command Sergeant Major Lorenzo G. Alejo 2007
Command Sergeant Major Joseph R. Allen 2015
Brigadier General Richard F. Allen 2001
Major General Edward L. Andrews 2005
Sergeant Major John J. Anderson 1998
Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson 2014
Brigadier General Jack A. Apperson 1994
Major General Joseph W. Arbuckle 2005
Brigadier General Donald J. Armstrong 2002
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Michael J. Athey 2005
Dr. William F. Atwater 2008
Command Sergeant Major Anthony T. Aubain 2014
Lieutenant General Henry S. Aurand Sr. 2003
Command Sergeant Major Timothy D. Ayers 2009
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Lieutenant General Donald M. Babers 1987
Captain and Brevet Lieutenant Colonel George T. Balch 2001
Major General Duard D. Ball 1986
Major General James W. Ball 1995
Major General John A. Barclay 1985
Mr. Irwin R. Barr 1985
Mr. Bernard M. Baruch 2009
Mr. Ronald V. Basey 1980
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Willard W. Batien 2004
Command Sergeant Major Wille E. Battle Jr. 1997
Mr. William Baumbeck 2012
Lieutenant General Roy E. Beauchamp 2005
Dr. Benjamin Bederson 2016
Major William S. Beebe * 1969
Lieutenant General Dennis L. Benchoff 2000
Brigadier General Stephen V. Benet 1970
Colonel Hiram Berdan 1969
Lieutenant General Robert L. Bergquist 1987
Mr. John J. Bergstrom 1997
Mr. Alan R. Beuster 2017
Major General Horace F. Bigelow 1981
Brigadier General John D. Billingsley 1982
Colonel Rogers Birne 1994
Mr. Leslie H. Black 1999
Chief Warrant Officer Five Lawrence R. Blackwell 2017
Command Sergeant Major Victor M. Blade 2018
Command Sergeant Major Anthony L. Boles 2017
Major General Vincent E. Boles 2011
Brigadier General James W. Boddie Jr. 2004
Colonel George Bomford 1969
LTC Thomas D. Bortner 2019
Staff Sergeant James P. Boyd 1990
Mr. Clifford D. Bradley 1983
COL Leo E. Bradley III 2019
Lieutenant General Marvin D. Brailsford 1995
Command Sergeant Major Sammy J. Brinson Jr. 2011
Command Sergeant Major Edward T. Brooks, Jr. 2015
Mr. John M. Browning 1974
Colonel Roger F. Brown 2006
Lieutenant Colonel Onofrio P. Bruno 1978
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Lee D. Brush 2012
Brigadier General Adelbert R. Buffington 1969
Command Sergeant Major Arthur E. Buford 2008
Lieutenant General Peter G. Burbules 1992
Mr. Melvin E. Burcz 1996
Major General James H. Burns 1969
Lieutenant Colonel James H. Burton 1969
Colonel August A. Busch 1992
Colonel Patrick W. Button 2009
Mr. John L. Byrd Jr. 1995
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Lieutenant General Levin Hicks Campbell Jr. 1972
Sergeant Major Willie E. Cameron 1999
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael R. Campbell 2009
Mr. Ralph F. Campoli 2015
Lieutenant Colonel Natale Cancilla 1977
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Matthew P. Caputo 1992
Major General Gunnar C. Carlson 2013
Mr. Kenneth E. Carroll 2000
Mr. Angelo A. Catani 1997
CW5 Frederick J. Cazzola 2019
Colonel Michael B. Cervone 2010
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Milton N. Chandler 1997
Colonel Samuel L. Chappell 2004
Dr. Alexander C. Charters 2001
Mr. Ezekiel Cheever 1997
Mr. Russell L. Childress Jr. 2006
Mr. Carl A. Christiansen 1989
Lieutenant General Claude V. Christianson 2011
Mr. J. Walter Christie 1975
Mr. Frederick J. Clas 1988
Mrs. Sarah W. Clements 1991
General John G. Coburn 2002
Colonel Leo A. Codd 1988
Brigadier General John W. Coffey 1983
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bernard Cohen 1981
Brigadier General Joseph M. Colby 1988
Mr. Edward N. Cole 1984
Mr. Thomas F. Colleran 1989
Major General Lynn A. Collyar 2016
CW5 David N. Conrad 2019
Colonel Raymond C. Costabile 1991
Major General Richard C. Coupland 1978
Colonel Frederick G. Crabb 2000
Brigadier General Henry Knox Craig 1984
Command Sergeant Major Dennis W. Crandell 2012
Major General William M. Creasy 1978
Colonel William R. Crocker 2013
Brigadier General Benedict Crowell 2004
Lieutenant General Emerson L. Cummings 1972
Command Sergeant Major Otis N. Cuffee 2016
Command Sergeant Major George E. Cutbirth 2003
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Lieutenant General Eugene J. D'Ambrosio 1981
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Michael D'Antonio 2004
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Arthur G. Dahl IV 2012
Brigadier General Anthony F. Daskevich 2002
Lieutenant Colonel Herbert H. Daubert 2008
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Troy A. Daugherty 2004
Mr. Fred R. Dearborn 2001
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Harold L. DeBerry 2010
Major General Oscar C. Decker Jr. 1985
Major General Carroll H. Deitrick 1990
Colonel Angelo R. Del Campo Jr. 1989
Mr. Louis Dellamonica 2009
Colonel Yolanda C. Dennis-Lowman 2017
Mr. Michael P. Devine 2017
Chief Warrant Officer Five Willie M. Dickens 2018
Brigadier General Thomas R. Dickinson 1969
Brigadier General Tracy C. Dickson 1969
Major General Edwin I. Donley 1996
Lieutenant Colonel Harry M. "Bulldog" Downer 2001
Brigadier General Guy H. Drewry 1996
Major General William J. Durrenberger 2010
Colonel James C. Dwyer 2010
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Frank H. Dyer Sr. 1996
Major General Alexander B. Dyer 1984
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Command Sergeant Major Richard C. Eagen 2001
Brigadier General George G. Eddy 1970
Major General Jeanette K. Edmunds 2010
Dr. Robert J. Eichelberger 1987
Major General William E. Eicher 1986
Lieutenant General Charles W. Eifler 1974
Command Sergeant Major Daniel K. Elder 2012
Command Sergeant Major Jerry F. Eller 2014
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Patrick Endicott 2015
Chief Warrant Officer 4 John W. Engemand 2011
Lieutenant General Jean E. Engler 1981
Command Sergeant Major Daniel A. Eubanks 2013
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Everett C. Evans Sr. 1995
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Chief Warrant Officer Five Mark A. Fagin 2017
Chief Warrant Officer Five Robert J. Fairhurst 2016
Mrs. Karen T. Farren 2009
Brigadier General Lloyd J. Faul 1995
Staff Sergeant William C. Featherstone 1989
Lieutenant Colonel John E. Feldman 1980
Mr. Samuel Feltman 1992
Brigadier General William J. Fiorentino 1993
Brigadier General Daniel W. Flagler 1980
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Billy K. Flanagan 1998
Mr. James L. Flinn III 2011
Lieutenant General William S. Flynn 1995
Major General Yves. J. Fontaine 2018
Major General Elbert L. Ford 1980
Chief Warrant Officer Five Kenneth E. Foster 2018
Sergeant Major Kenneth R. Foster, Sr. 2017
Colonel Richard J. Fousek 2013
Major General Amos A. Fries 1976
CSM Allen G. Fritzsching 2019
Mr. Rudolph Furrer 1993
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Mr. William J. Gaines 1994
Mr. John C. Garand 1973
Mr. Richard J. Gatling 1974
Mr. Gregory Gerdom 1969
Command Sergeant Major Mark S. Gerecht 2015
Major General William K. Ghormley 1982
Major General Harold B. Gibson Jr. 1996
Colonel Paul N. Gillon 2006
Colonel Edward Gluck 2006
Dr. Robert H. Goddard 1977
Dr. Herman H. Goldstine 1997
Mr. Abraham Golub 2010
Mrs. Susan H. Gooch 2012
Colonel Mary G. Goodwin 2011
Brigadier General Josiah Gorgas 1985
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Gregory A. Gouty 2013
Major General Erwin M. Graham Jr. 1979
Chief Warrant Officer 4 George C. Gratchen 1989
Dr. Constance M. Green 2000
Major General Paul L. Greenberg 1995
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Thomas G. Grice 1999
Dr. Frank E. Grubbs 2002
Major Allen F. Grum 2011
Major General Earl S. Gruver 1990
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jay G. Gruwell 2002
Captain Frank Gyovai 1991
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Paul M. Habhab 2010
Lieutenant General Richard A. Hack 2009
Command Sergeant Major Phillip N. Hadden 2008
Mr. James M. Hait 1983
Dr. George C. Hale 1969
BG John F. Haley 2019
Command Sergeant Major Clinton G. Hall 2017
Brigadier General Rebecca S. Halstead 2011
Colonel James P. Hamill 1999
Mr. Carl Hansen 2012
Major General Floyd A. Hansen 1977
Mrs. Isabelle Hansen 2014
Colonel John E. Harbert 1984
Lieutenant General Harold F. Hardin 1983
Colonel Kenneth B. Harmon 1969
Colonel John P. Harris 1975
Colonel Robert "Bruce" Harrison Sr. 2012
Major General Julian S. Hatcher 1971
Ms. Ruth J. Hawks 1996
Major General John J. Hayes 1977
Major General Thomas J. Hayes Jr. 1976
Chief Warrant Officer Four William R. Haynes, Jr. 2018
Lieutenant General Joseph M. Heiser Jr. 1973
Sergeant Major James "Chip" Herrell 2011
Chief Warrant Officer Five Terry W. Hetrick 2018
Colonel Standford R. Hicks 1986
Brigadier General David W. Hiester 1988
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Kenneth B. N. Hill 2006
Colonel Leroy T. Hillman 2011
Major General Frank A. Hinrichs 1984
Lieutenant General John H. Hinrichs 1978
Mr. Leo Hillard 2018
Lieutenant General Fred Hissong Jr. 1993
Lieutenant General Ronald V. Hite 1999
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Harry L. Hobbs 2013
Colonel Redding Hobby 2016
Mr. Henry C. Hodges Sr. 2009
Major General Samuel Hof 1984
Command Sergeant Major John L. Hoffman 2001
Major General Arthur Holmes Jr. 1991
Brigadier General Joel G. Holmes 1990
Brigadier General William R. Holmes 2000
Command Sergeant Major Joshua C. Hooper 2004
Colonel Thomas A. Hooper 2003
Staff Sergeant Benjamin C. Horton 1969
Mr. Wilfred W. Hoskin 1982
Major General Oliver O. Howard * 2005
Colonel Carroll D. Hudson 1993
Colonel Floyd E. Hudson, Jr. 2019
Mr. Vincent P. Huggard 1977
Command Sergeant Major Cynthia Hughes 2018
Major General Everett S. Hughes 1984
Colonel Scott W. Hull 2019
Lieutenant General Oren E. Hurlbut 1979
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Cecil E. Hutson 2001
Colonel Frederick D. Hyatt 2019
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Major General Dennis K. Jackson 2007
Chief Warrant Officer Five James A. Jackson 2014
Colonel George B. Jarrett 1981
Mr. William J. Jarrett 1998
Colonel William H. Jaynes 1976
Mr. Frank J. Jervey 1977
Major General Jerome Johnson 2012
Colonel Melvin M. Johnson Jr. 2003
Mr. Henry B. Jones 1990
Staff Sergeant Roy Judkins 1999
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Colonel Thomas J. Kane 1969
Mr. Kaufman T. Keller 1988
Lieutenant Colonel John A. Kearney 2019
Dr. Robert H. Kent 1969
Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Kingsbury 2011
Mr. Dale Kinney 1999
Major General James R. Klugh 2006
Major General Henry Knox 1998
Sergeant Major Edward F. Komac, Jr. 2017
Lieutenant General Fred Kornet Jr. 1982
Brigadier General John A. Kress 1992
Dr. William K. Kroeger 1969
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Major General Waldow E. Laidlaw 2002
Colonel Theodore T.S. Laidley 2008
Command Sergeant Major Jonathan M. Lankford Sr. 2013
Dr. Joseph A. Lannon 2014
Sergeant Lewis Leffman 1991
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Roscoe D. Leggs Jr. 2011
Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Leiendecker 2017
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Baskum "Dave" LeMaster 2009
Major General William "Mike" Lenaers 2011
Dr. Philip W. Lett 2002
Command Sergeant Major Thomas A. Lettis 2014
Colonel Isaac N. Lewis 1993
Mr. Victor Lindner 1990
Lieutenant General James M. Link 2003
Major General Shelton E. Lollis 1994
Command Sergeant Major Luis J. Lopez 2019
Colonel Kevin Lutz 2015
Major General Nelson M. Lynde Jr. 1980
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Master Sergeant Hugh E. Martin 1971
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jeffrey A. Martin 2011
Mr. John Masengarb 2015
Colonel Gregory A. Mason 2017
Dr. John W. Mauchly 2002
Ms. Lida S. Mayo 1994
Colonel O.B. McCane 2018
Major General Ray E. McCoy 2009
Dr. John L. McDaniel 1980
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Raymond L. McDaniel 2016
Brigadier General Robert P. McFarlin 2001
Lieutenant Colonel Luta C. McGrath 1985
Major General Chester M. McKeen Jr. 2002
Captain Jason T. McMahon 2013
Major General Wade H. McManus Jr. 2010
Command Sergeant Major Steven A. McWilliams 2005
Leiutenant General Patricia E. McQuistion 2016
Major General John B. Medaris 1972
Mr. William Melton 2018
Colonel Benjamin S. Mesick 2010
Captain Henry Metcalfe 1969
General Henry A. Miley 1975
Command Sergeant Major Charlie Miller II 2000
Mr. A. David Mills 2018
Chief Warrant Officer Five Mickle C. Mitchell 2014
Major General James W. Monroe 2002
Dr. Joseph C. Moquin 2003
Major Alfred Mordecai Jr. 1969
Colonel Ronald W. Mordecai 2004
Chief Warrant Officer 4 John O. Morgan 1993
Professor Forest R. Moulton 1969
Command Sergeant Major Sultan A. Muhammad 2017
Major General Charles M. Murray 1994
Mr. C. Walton Musser 1976
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Major General Willie B. Nance Jr. 2011
Sergeant Major William L. Napier 2016
Brigadier General Urban Niblo 1969
Command Sergeant Major Herbert Nicholson 2006
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Fred Norman 2005
Mr. Kenneth T. Norris Sr. 1978
Mrs. Carol A. Nye 2010
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Dwight L. Obado 1998
Mr. John M. Olin 1990
Ms. Gayle A. Olszyk 2013
Lieutenant General Malcom R. O'Niell 2004
Mr. Eric A. Orsini 1991
Brigadier General Charles D.Y. Ostrom Jr. 1988
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Colonel Richard G. Palaschak 2005
Mr. Chester V. Parker 1979
Lieutenant Colonel Francis H. Parker 2011
Captain Robert K. Parrott 1969
Colonel Walter F. Partin 1993
Major General Christian Patte 2015
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Grayford C. Payne 2012
Dr. Rocco A. Petrone 2002
Chief Warrant Officer 5 John L. Picott 2016
Brigadier General John R. Pierce Jr. 1998
Lieutenant General Leo J. Pigaty 1995
Brigadier General John T. Pitman Jr. 2005
Colonel Paul R. Plemmons 2013
Mr. Dale T. Pollard 2019
Brigadier General Randolph T. Poore 2007
Colonel Donald L. Porter 2000
Brigadier General Horace Porter * 1969
Major General William E. Potts 1992
Mr. Thomas G. Pownall 2017
Major General Thomas L. Prather Jr. 2008
Major General Robert J. Proudfoot 1989
Command Sergeant Major Billy E. Prysock 2002
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Mr. Adolph M. Quilici 1996
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Major General John C. Raaen Jr. 2009
Major General Robert M. Radin 2014
Lieutenant Colonel Sarah R. Radin 2001
Major General Joseph Raffiani Jr. 2009
Major General Frank P. Ragano 1998
Brigadier General George D. Ramsey 1984
Brigadier General Norman F. Ramsey Sr. 2003
Staff Sergeant Emil Raninen 1988
Major General Henry A. Rasmussen 2012
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Clarence E. Reeves 1997
Lieutenant General Benjamin F. Register Jr. 1990
Chief Warrant Officer 5 George T. Reno 1995
Mr. Alan Richwald 2018
Brigadier General James W. Ripley 1969
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Harrison E. Robinson 1991
Mr. Willard F. Rockwell Sr. 1991
Major General Patrick M. Roddy 2000
Brigadier General Thomas J. Rodman 1969
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Alvin Rose 2005
Chief Warrant Officer Five Eddie L. Royal 2019
Major General Jackson E. Rozier Jr. 1993
Command Sergeant Major Thomas J. Rucker 1999
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
General Leon E. Salomon 1996
Mr. Charles B. Salter 1987
Lieutenant General George Sammet Jr. 1994
Chief Warrant Officer Five Bernard L. Satterfield 2014
Major General Henry B. Sayler 1984
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Karl Saul 2015
Colonel Werner G. Schmidt Jr. 2006
Lieutenant General August Schomburg 1985
Mr. Robert M. Schwartz 1991
Major General Robert D. Shadley 2003
Major General Jere W. Sharp 2003
Lieutenant Colonel William J. Sidebottom 2017
Major General Leslie E. Simon 1974
Command Sergeant Major Preston L. Siple 2007
Lieutenant General Lawrence F. Skibbie 1992
Colonel Leslie A. Skinner 1975
Brigadier General Willis R. Slaughter 1978
Major General Homer D. Smith 1984
Colonel Kevin M. Smith 2016
Mr. Lavern G. Soper 1976
Major General Sidney P. Spalding 1985
Dr. Joseph Sperrazza 2002
Mr. Carmine J. Spinelli 2016
Major General David W. Stallings 1998
Mr. David L. Stanley 1984
Sergeant Major Charles E. Stanton 1995
Mrs. Claire F. Starnes 2006
Mr. Edward C. Starnes 2006
Major General Kurt J. Stein 2017
Lieutenant General Mitchell H. Stevenson 2013
Command Sergeant Major David Lee Stewart 2009
Colonel William J. Stoddart 2006
Mr. Eugene M. Stoner 1977
Colonel Rene R. Studler 2010
Colonel Henry W. (Bill) Suchting III 2015
Mr. William Summerbell 1995
Ms. Olga V. Suppes 2004
Major Robert J. Surkein 1988
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Chief Warrant Officer Five Robert C. Tadlock 2017
Command Sergeant Major Major Larry C. Taylor 2016
Chief Warrant Officer 5 James "Jim" E. Thompson 2016
Brigadier General John T. Thompson 1992
Major General John F. Thorlin 1983
General Maxwell R. Thurman 1995
Brigadier General Carl W. Tipton 1993
Dr. Aileen W. Tobin 2012
Major General Holger N. Toftoy 1969
Brigadier General Guy E. Tripp 1969
Major General William H. Tschappat 1969
Command Sergeant Major Donald L. Turner 1987
Major General George E. Turnmeyer 1990
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Colonel John A. Ulrich 1991
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
CW5 Robert M. Vachon 2015
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Larry W. Van Cleave 2006
Command Sergeant Major Richard Vega 2000
Brigadier General Thomas K. Vincent 2001
Sergeant Major Mike R. Vining 2001
Dr. Werhner von Braun 1973
Dr. John von Neumann 2000
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Colonel Decius Wadsworth 1969
Brigadier General Frederick G. Waite 1987
Colonel James L. Walsh 2013
Major William G. Washington 2000
Command Sergeant Major Tyler Walker II 2009
Brigadier General Carlton P. Weidenthal 2005
Lieutenant General Davis S. Weisman 2014
Major General Charles M. Wesson 1969
Brigadier General William I. Westervelt 1969
Mr. James Q. Wheeler 2011
Command Sergeant Major Ivory Whitaker, Jr. 2014
Major Hulon B. Whittington * 1969
Major General Clarence C. Williams 1969
Mr. Joseph Williams 1979
Sergeant Moses Williams * 2005
Major General Norman E. Williams 2004
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Ralph Williams III 2015
General Jonnie E. Wilson 1999
Sergeant Major Dennis E. Wolfe 2019
Comand Sergeant Major Marvin Womack 2019
Command Sergeant Major John D. Woodyard 2010
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Robert J. Wurm 2003
Chief Warrant Officer 5 James J. Wynne 2008
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
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Hall of Fame Inductees Year Inducted
Mr. Timothy C. Zello 2001
Mr. Joseph C. Zengerle Jr. 1979
Mr. Julius P. Ziegler 1986
Major General John G. Zierdt 1981
Brigadier General John G. Zierdt Jr. 2006
Lieutenant Colonel Karl L. Zilske 2007
Colonel Hermann H. Zornig 1989
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* Medal of Honor Recipients



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