Ordnance crest

Area of Concentration 91A

Materiel Maintenance & Munitions

91A Ordnance Lieutenants can expect to be a platoon leader in a variety of units including forward support, maintenance, and ammunition companies. Platoon leaders plan and execute force sustainment logistics operations and supervise the technical and tactical training of Soldiers to ensure their effectiveness on the battlefield or in the shop. Lieutenants monitor and direct the day-to-day functions of combat systems repair and ammunition operations, Platoons are generally large; having 60-80 Soldiers is not uncommon in maintenance and ammunition companies. Also, Ordnance platoon leaders are often responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and supplies.

Senior lieutenants serve as control officers in ammunition or maintenance companies, responsible for ensuring the company executes its assigned maintenance or ammunition mission. Workload prioritization, production management and quality assurance are skills that ordnance officers develop in these positions as they become experts using logistics management information systems as tools to assist them in these critical tasks. Assignments to battalion or brigade staff or as a company executive officer round out an Ordnance Lieutenant’s time.

Materiel Maintenance Management

Officers serving in these assignments lead Soldiers with mechanical skills to ensure vehicles, communication equipment, ground support equipment, and weapons systems are repaired and returned to the fight. The Ordnance “Pit Crew” team has 30 enlisted MOSs and 9 Warrant Officer Specialties to repair Army equipment.

Munitions Management

Officers serving in these positions manage the Army’s conventional ammunition inventory. They are experts in the ammunition functions of storage, transportation, surveillance, quality assurance, maintenance, safety, and the operational and strategic management information (supply, command, and control) systems used to manage and report munitions functions. The Ordnance Corps has 2 enlisted MOSs and 1 Warrant Officer Specialty to manage munitions.

All OD Officers merge into the Logistics Corps (AOC 90A) upon graduation from the Logistics Captain’s Career Course (LOG-C3) or Explosive Ordnance Disposal Captain’s Career Course