Ordnance crest

Ordnance Career Timeline

The ranks of 2nd and 1st Lieutenant

LT: 0-4 Yrs

Ordnance Lieutenants attend the 16 week Ordnance Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) at Fort Lee, Virginia. Lieutenants execute Ordnance competencies such as field maintenance, ammunition supply and management, and workload prioritization using automated management systems. EOD Lieutenants will follow on to EOD Phase 1 training at Fort Lee and Phase 2 and the EOD Platoon Leaders Course at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

The rank of Captain

CPT: 4-11 Yrs

Ordnance Captains attend the 20 week Logistics Captains Career Course (LC3) or the EOD Captains Career Course at Fort Lee, Virginia, after which they become Logistics Branch Officers. Captains are prepared to serve as company commanders and staff officers enabling Unified Land Operations. EOD Officers are prepared to serve in both EOD and Logistics command and staff positions. Following command, Captains serve in developmental and broadening assignments.

The rank of Major

MAJ: 11-17 Yrs

Ordnance Logistics Majors attend 11 months of Intermediate Level Education (ILE) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas or at other sister service schools, or in fellowships. Majors serve in key staff positons preparing them for Battalion Command. Field grade officers are able to plan and execute sustainment and multifunctional logistics operations at the operational and strategic level as well as working with JIM partners. EOD Officers can also attend Air Force ILE earning a minor in Nuclear Deterrence Studies.

The rank of Lieutenant Colonel The rank of Colonel

LTC: 17-22 Yrs
COL: 22+ Yrs

Ordnance Lieutenant Colonels seek Battalion Command following which they may attend the Army War College (AWC) or at other sister service schools, or in fellowships. Colonels assume strategic command and staff responsibilities in the national strategic environment- either directly or as advisors to the senior leadership of the Armed Forces, the Department of Defense, other governmental agencies, or in foreign militaries. The developmental goal is strategic leadership and national security.

90A91 Maintenance and Munitions Management Officer Developmental Assignments

Lieutenant ranks

  • - Platoon Leader
  • - Maint Control Officer
  • - Ammunition Officer
  • - Company XO
  • - SF Group Spt CO XO
  • - BN Staff
  • - Aide de Camp

Captain rank

  • - CO Commander
  • - Maint Management Officer
  • - Materiel Management Officer
  • - Ammo Officer
  • - BN/BDEStaff Officer
  • - Instructor/Writer
  • - Aide de Camp

Major rank

  • - Battalion XO
  • - SPT OPS Officer
  • - BDE Staff
  • - CTC Observer
  • - Instructor Writer
  • - Developer

Lieutenant Colonel rank
Colonel rank

  • - BN Commander
  • - Depot CDR
  • - Division G-4
  • - Ammo Plant CDR
  • - Instructor Writer
  • - Proponency Officer
  • - Branch Chief

89E Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer Developmental Assignments

Lieutenant ranks

  • - EOD Platoon Leader
  • - EOD Company
    Operations Officer
  • - Aide de Camp

Captain rank

  • - EOD CO Commander
  • - EOD BN Ops Officer
  • - EOD Plans Officer
  • - SF GP EOD Officer
  • - Instructor/Writer
  • - CTC O/C
  • - Capabiilty Developer

Major rank

  • - EOD BN XO
  • - EOD Staff Officer
  • - EOD Ops Officer
  • - CBRNE/ Army Staff
  • - Instructor Writer
  • - CTC Observer

Major rank
Colonel rank

  • - EOD BN CDR
  • - EOD Staff Officer
  • - EOD Group Deputy Commander
  • - Army Staff
  • - Capability Developer

Additional Training Opportunities: Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Pathfinder, Technical Escort (EOD), Artificial Intelligence (EOD), Asymmetrical Warfare Operations Support (EOD), Multinational Logistics, Red Team, Training with Industry, and Advanced Civilian Schooling Options