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Ordnance Talent Demands


Interpersonal, Logical-Mathematical (Maintenance and Munitions Management) Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spatial (Explosive Ordnance Disposal-EOD)

SKILLS (Maintenance and Munitions Management):

Maintenance and Munitions Management Officers are adaptive, agile, logical, and detail oriented leaders that are directly responsible for building and maintaining the combat power of the Army. They enable readiness through dynamic and articulate leadership with the ability to establish priorities of work to accomplish the mission. Leadership in materiel maintenance and ammunition management processes requires officers who use logic and analytical skills to solve problems and communicate solutions precisely. These officers must be support-focused, skilled at building relationships, and able to connect with others in a direct way so they can advise commanders and customers on sustainment operations in complex operating environments.

SKILLS (Explosive Ordnance Disposal- EOD):

Explosive ordnance disposal officers are the culmination of the best tactical and technical training the Department of Defense can provide. As the Army's preeminent tactical and technical explosives specialists, EOD officers need to operate confidently with detailed and disciplined accuracy under stressful conditions, be mentally tough, work calmly under pressure, and be prudent risk takers. They provide dynamic leadership to formations of expertly trained EOD Soldiers. Explosive ordnance disposal officers must be effective communicators with an extreme aptitude for planning and organizing in support of Army units worldwide, civil authorities in CONUS, and across all operational environments. EOD officers are “hands-on” Soldiers with technical and mechanical inclination, acute sensitivity to visual details, and the ability to orient to three dimensions.


The Ordnance branch values officers with academic backgrounds from a wide variety of disciplines and majors. However, the domain-specific disciplines listed below provide officers with the expertise closely aligned with executing the military’s system of logistics management.
RELEVANT EDUCATION: Business Administration; Acquisition / Contract Management; Applied Sciences & Engineering; Automotive Engineering; Business Management; Chemistry; Computer Systems & Technology; Disaster Management; Distribution Management; Hazardous Materials Management; Industrial Engineering; Logistics Management; Mathematical Sciences; Mechanical Engineering; Operations Research; Supply Chain Management ; Forensic Sciences (not all inclusive).
RELEVANT TRAINING / EXPERIENCE: Athletics (varsity), Cadet Troop Leading Time / Leader Development Time (CTLT / CLDT) with Army Ordnance unit; Academic Enrichment Program / Internship with major industries or academic institutions.
RELEVANT CERTIFICATIONS / ACCREDITATIONS: Lean Six Sigma Certifications; Certified Professional in Supply Management; Certified Professional Logistician; Supply Chain Management Certificate; International Society of Logistics

BEHAVIORS: (In addition to Army foundational)

  • Collaborative
  • Committed
  • Cooperative
  • Critically Thinking
  • Customer Focused

  • Detailed Focused
  • Expert
  • Flexible
  • Hard Working
  • Initiative

  • Perceptive
  • Precise
  • Proactive
  • Problem Solving

  • Quick
  • Responsible
  • Stress Tolerant
  • Thoughtful

TALENT PRIORITIES (Maintenance and Munitions Management):

  1. INTERDISCIPLINARY: Synthesizes and applies knowledge from multiple disciplines into a coherent overarching perspective.
  2. INNOVATIVE: Creative, inquisitive, and insightful. Easily identifies new solutions and catalyzes change.
  3. INTERPERSONAL: Skilled in developing appropriate relationships. Able to connect with others to effect positive results.
  4. LOGICAL / ANALYTICAL: Uses reason and thinks in terms of cause and effect. Able to decompose and solve complex problems.
  5. COMMUNICATOR: Precise, efficient, and compelling in both written and spoken word.

TALENT PRIORITIES (Explosive Ordnance Disposal):

  1. DETAIL FOCUSED: Thorough, perceptive, and precise in all matters. Possesses a keen eye – notices everything.
  2. MENTALLY TOUGH: Stress tolerant and emotionally mature. Performs well even under extreme psychological stress.
  3. PRUDENT RISK TAKER: Recognizes and mitigates unacceptable risks, enabling mission accomplishment without unnecessarily compromising safety.
  4. BODILY / KINESTHETIC: Coordinated, dexterous, hands-on person. Acute sensory awareness.
  5. PROCESS DISCIPLINED: Diligently abides by procedures designed to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, and safety.