Ordnance Electronics Maintenance
Training Department (OEMTD)

Manages, conducts, and evaluates resident instruction for assigned courses. Monitors the technical sequencing, scope, and changes to TSPs and other instructional materials; monitors maintenance of training facilities, and operational status of training equipment. Conducts Academic Review Boards (ARBs) and recommends approval for student continuance in training or reclassification. Plans, coordinates, and executes graduation ceremonies. Assists in forming training strategies, goals, and objectives in related technical areas. Coordinates the development of training materials.

The department is located at Fort Gordon, GA, with one division located at Fort Sill, OK. OEMTD consists of four divisions: Radio Aviation Control/Survivability Division, Ground /Avionics Radio Repairer Division, Basic Electronic Training, Chemical, Computer Division, Warrant Officer Division, and Patriot Radar Division.


  • Provide Advanced Individual Training, Functional Training and Professional Military Education to enlisted Soldiers, Warrant Officers, and DoD employees. Ensuring they are adaptive, confident, tactically and technically proficient Ordnance professionals, motivated to build and preserve Army readiness.
  • Trains the following MOSs/ASIs:
    • 94D Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
    • 94E Radio Equipment Repairer
    • 94F Computer/Detection System Repairer
    • 94M Radar Repairer
    • 94R Avionic and Survivability Equipment repairer
    • 94S Patriot Missile System Repairer
    • 948B Electronics Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer
    • 948D Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer
    • ASI6D Patriot Missile Systems Maintenance
    • ASIF1 BIDS/JBPDS System Repairer
    • ASIF6 NBCRV Sensor Suite Maintenance Technician
  • Provide technical training in support of Full Spectrum Operations to Ordnance Warrant Officers in MOS 948B and 948D
  • Coordinate with the Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) on training strategies and development priorities; develop lesson plans supporting training execution
  • Oversee the Faculty Development Recognition, the Observation of Training Program, and professional development programs
  • Participate in accreditation programs (e.g., Council on Occupational Education, American Council on Education, and TRADOC Accreditation)

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