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Ordnance Captain Development

Education: Upon graduation of the Combined Logistics Captain Career Course (CLC3), Ordnance officers will be inducted Logistics branch (AOC 90A). (See DA PAM 600-3, chapter 35, for an explanation of Logistics branch.)

KD assignments: Company command is the only key developmental experience recognized at the captain level.

Developmental and broadening assignments: Along with command, captain's continue to gain an in-depth understanding of the multiple aspects of logistical operations and are more involved with battalion and brigade-level staff operations. Ordnance captains positions include Transition Team Maintenance Mentor, maintenance staff officer, ammunition supply officer, munitions materiel management officer, EOD operations officer, or observer/controller at Army or Joint training centers.

Self-development: All Ordnance officers should seek opportunities available to them within all Ordnance competencies. For example, officers who have worked ammunition should seek opportunities in maintenance positions.

Desired experience: Throughout this period, the officer continues to develop leadership, tactical, technical, and management skills. This foundation of knowledge is required to effectively serve as a leader at the company and battalion level. Captains gain a working knowledge of command principles, battalion-level staff operations, and logistical operations at the battalion to brigade levels.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021