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Ordnance lieutenants lead Soldiers in platoons and sections in semi-autonomous activities in the fight or in support of the fight.

Education: During the second lieutenant years, Ordnance lieutenants are required to complete Ordnance BOLC III and complete a bachelor's degree. Upon graduation from Ordnance BOLC III, officers should expect to serve at the company level in order to execute Ordnance competencies, such as field and sustainment maintenance operations, workload management, use of Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), requisition, stock control, and flow of repair parts and ammunition, and if EOD, dispose of and render safe unexploded ordnance.

Assignment: Lieutenants will serve in one or more of the following positions: Typical positions may include, but are not limited to, platoon leader, maintenance control officer, company executive officer, ammunition control officer, EOD Operations officer, Assistant S–4, or operations officer. Lieutenants may also gain staff experience at battalion level. Because all initial assignments are important, all officers should be primarily concerned with manner of performance, development of professional attributes, enthusiasm for the job, and demonstration of potential.

Self-development: Lieutenants must focus on acquiring and developing troop-leading skills, Ordnance core competencies, communication, management, and technical and tactical skills.

Desired experience: Lieutenants should strive to become technical and tactical experts by training with the WOs and senior enlisted Soldiers in their units. Lieutenants must learn the intricacies of how to best lead and take care of troops to support their commands and manage the maintenance process, such as manage work order flow, common equipment failures and repair, repair parts management, and tracking work orders and parts status through automated systems. Before promotion to captain, officers should possess an excellent knowledge of the Ordnance competencies and have basic knowledge of other logistics competencies.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021