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Ordnance Lieutenant Colonel Development

The majority of LTC positions are designated multifunctional. However, officers serving in primary AOC 89E and/or secondary AOC 91A may be assigned to functional Ordnance command and staff positions. As with majors, Ordnance lieutenant colonels should also seek assignments JIIM organizations toward joint service qualification.

Education: OD lieutenant colonels should continue to seek educational opportunities that enhance battalion command potential, and multifunctional, functional and joint service experience. Selected OD lieutenant colonels will attend Senior Service College (SSC), senior professional military education and leader development training that prepare senior leaders to assume strategic leadership responsibilities in military or national security organizations. OD lieutenant colonels selected for CSL Battalion Command/Key Billet positions will attend applicable Pre-Command Courses.

Key developmental assignments: Successful command of any CSL logistics, multifunctional, or functional maintenance, ammunition or EOD battalion.

Developmental and Broadening Assignments: Ordnance officers should seek assignments and experience at the corps level or higher, and in JIIM organizations. Positions include: Transition Team Senior Mentor, Senior Observer/Controller at Army and Joint Training Centers, primary staff officer for maintenance, ammunition, or EOD at the corps level or higher.

Self-development: Officers should devote time to a professional reading program to broaden their war fighting perspective and should include correspondence courses, civilian education, and institutional training. Officers should submit articles to professional publications.

Desired experience: These assignments have increased responsibility and require mature, skilled, and well-grounded officers. Field grade officers should strive to become an expert in all aspects of logistics and the application of Ordnance competencies.



Last updated 19-Nov-2021